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Published on 18-03-2020

Collaboration between UNILIN and EASYLOX®
UNILIN will sell Bart Beugt's EASYLOX® technology licenses to parquet manufacturers worldwide. This means that other herringbone producers at home and abroad can also use EASYLOX technology. Bart Beugt owner Bart Oerlemans also plans to integrate EASYLOX® technology into his circular vision.

Bart Beugt specializes in making herringbone floors. Our solution-focused approach has enabled us to develop EASLOX®. A European patented herringbone parquet without left or right floorboards. Every floorboard has the same universal profile, without separate parts! Thanks to EASYLOX® you no longer have to adjust your floorboards when installing the herringbone floor. Which will reduce your adjustment costs. Also during the production process the will be no confusion between left or right floorboards, because only one kind of floorboard had to be made. Because EASYLOX® is produced by a CNC controlled machine (EASYLOX® Profiler) it creates 100% perfect fit, perfect squareness and perfect sizes. We have specially developed this CNC machine for EASYLOX®. Our floors are produces to a high standard, making them easy and quick to install with an even better end result.

The Bart Beugt team is extremely proud of the results achieved so far with EASYLOX®, which was introduced a year and a half ago. Bart Beugt's customers are full of praise for the innovative system. The cooperation between UNIZIP, the technology of UNILIN, is therefore not out of the blue. “With EASYLOX®, UNIZIP can profile itself even better in the market for tongue and groove,” says Bart Oerlemans. “We presented the collaboration at DOMOTEX in Hanover (Germany) and the reactions to EASYLOX® were very positive.”

EASYLOX® had no complaints about a lack of interest. “For example, I was approached at the fair by an Italian flooring manufacturer who was very familiar with EASYLOX®,” says Oerlemans. “We are also increasingly receiving requests from parquet shops and self-employed professionals to become dealers of EASYLOX®, which is really becoming a brand.”

The EASYLOX® technology will be integrated into the circular vision of Bart Beugt. Until a few years ago, the company was hardly involved in circular business, but this changed when Bart Oerlemans met circular woodworker Rik Ruigrok from Herso. A visit to this company in Loosbroek inspired Oerlemans to develop a unique floor of demolition waste, together with Ruigrok. Which has, among others, been placed in ABN Amro's Circular Pavilion Building Circl in Amsterdam. The floor is composed of collected hardwood, from an old monastery and the bar of TOP Oss football club. 

From that moment on, Oerlemans got the circular taste. He decided to follow up on the collaboration with Rik Ruigrok. The two circular pioneers developed a herringbone floor with the patented pin hole connection, among other things. This floor is completely circular made of pure waste wood, from the Oude Sterrenschool in Hilversum, and is very easy to install, move and replace. 

Bart Beugt is currently developing a circular floor that should become a fully-fledged alternative to the PVC floor. Oerlemans does not want to give much information about it, but he is positive about the added value of the product. “It will be a homogeneous floor, without the characteristic stripes that you usually find on circular floors. But it does have the main advantages of PVC such as hardness and thickness. Plastic is an unsustainable material in the long term. A PVC floor is beautiful and handy, but cannot be upgraded. In other words, you just never get rid of it. That is why I am fundamentally opposed to PVC floors. ” 

Yet there was a time when Bart Beugt invested in a special showroom with synthetic floors. Oerlemans: “I decided to sell these next to wooden floors years ago. This was not a resounding success, to say the least. Simply because the product does not suit me. Because I think wood is a much better product, I also strongly advised customers to choose this. As a result, I sold only three or four of those PVC floors in a few years. ” 

Bart Beugt's owner has noticed that demand for circular solutions in parquet shops is still somewhat behind. “Still, I have a good feeling about the new circular floors that we are developing. I may also be able to transfer the inspiration I got from Herso to EASYLOX® dealers. I expect that we can take some nice steps in the near future. ” 

Source: https://www.parketblad.nl/nieuws/8239/unilin-slaat-easylox-aan-de-haak